The President Pimps His Ride

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Hey peeps!

As the weekend comes upon us, I thought of blogging about my thoughts on a recent news article about something noteworthy, at least to Filipinos who’ve taken a liking to keeping in tabs with what our beloved Philippine President has been doing as of late.

I have put a decent title to it: “The President Pimps His Ride.”

Yes folks, our dear president recently bought a white, entry-level, “third-hand” 2007 Porsche valued at around 4.5 million in local currency (that means pesos to our foreign friends).

The first time I read it, I thought it was cool for him to do that. Being an eligible bachelor, I felt that his “pogi points” (kinda like brownie points fellas) went way up…of course in terms of getting noticed by the opposite sex.

As if being president doesn’t get him much attention already! Hahaha.

But several days after the news came out, there have been different opinions about the “morality” of the Porsche purchase. I thought about the strong and weak points of these opinions, and putting my own take on the matter, here are my thoughts on why President Noy’s ride pimpin’ is cool and at the same time, un-cool.

As a civilian, he’s entitled to change rides when he wants it, how he wants it. Just like any car owner, he came to realize that his riding lifestyle needed change. So he sold his “old” BMW, checked what’s available on the market, probably got word that there’s a nice deal for a vroom vroom that would satisfy his need for speed and prestige…boom! Noynoy, meet Por-shuh.

Simple as that. I think.

I mean, that’s the usual cycle that we get into when we upgrade cars. Or even gadgets. Or houses (if you’re not into building it). Even pets. You name it. It’s the same cycle.

Also, it’s his money, and he can do whatever he wants with it. He sold his old unit and upgraded. He applied for a personal loan to cover the remaining cost.

End of story.

I am Noy, and I have a Porsche!

He gave a gift to himself, which i might say, is well-deserved. He was happy with his choice and he got what he truly wanted.

However, it cannot be denied that there is another spectrum devoid of the feel-good nature that seems to come with this purchase.

The un-cool part.

I picked up on a comment that while P-Noy’s Porsche-binge was done in good faith, it lacked sensitivity in the light of the country’s Third World status.

The comment has merit. Because he is not an ordinary civilian.

He is the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Every move he makes IS news.

He is a president to a a third-world country. Poor people counted by the millions.

Add the fact that our country has the legislated Republic Act 6713 that explicitly states the norms of conduct of government officials…the purchase allows itself to have more fodder for discussion.

“Civil servants should avoid flaunting wealth for it may hurt the sensibilities of those around who cannot afford these.”

I cannot afford a Porsche. However, It doesn’t hurt me at all knowing that my president has a Porsche.

But I cannot speak for the marginalized sector of our society. Maybe they’re hurt. Maybe they’re not. Maybe we can ask SWS to conduct a survey if their sensibilities were hurt or not.

So, how do make sense of what the president did?

Does it make sense to us when President P-Noy buys a sports car in the wake of fuel and transport price increases that will greatly affect the mass population? This, considering that our countrymen in Samar, Leyte, and Bicol are still suffering from massive floods?

Do we let this one slide because his trust and approval ratings are still high? To think that his ratings were still strong even after the hostage-taking incident and the various legal issues that surrounded his earlier mandates.

Have your own take on the matter. As for me, let me just say this:

My dear President Noy, I do hope that as you drive and steer you way towards discovering the potential of that awesome machine you have, either on the streets of Manila (or Quezon City), the expressways of the north and south, or even at the racetracks of Clark freeport, putting your pedal to the metal to experience a high like you’ve never experienced before…

Remember that you’re also steering the plight of the millions of Filipinos who are aching for so long to have lives that want to experience a high like they never did before.

Before you, we had a “BMW” for a president.

Now (and until 2016), we have a “Porsche.”

Take us along for a ride on the road to freedom, Mr. President!

Or else we’ll upgrade to a Bugatti.


My iPod Experience

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Hey guys!

This blog is all about my very first experience with a gadget that most of you are so familiar with, mainly because:

1. You have it. Or
2. Somebody you know has it.

Yes people, it’s the Apple iPod!

Eversince the very first iPod was introduced, I must admit that my curiosity about how it affected the lifestyle of millions lingered for the longest time.

Until i bought my very own…my very first iPod!

I recently bought a fourth-generation, 64gb iPod touch (Last year, actually). The thought that I finally have an iPod was funny for the following reasons:

1. I felt I was too old to have an iPod. Being 34, I truly felt I should have started early in terms of buying these “things.” But hey, if my 61-year-old dad can handle a laptop…

2. Buying an iPod was not really a high-priority purchase for me. But you would understand that if you had several people around you (at work and at home) strutting their iPods and their iPhone 4s…well, you get the drift. It’s that “gotta have it” feeling.

3. I sincerely believed that I am not an “Apple guy.” There were other brands that i felt was more user-friendly (If you’re from the Philippines, you should know about CD-R King products!). But I had to prove once and for all that I am cool enough to handle an i Pod.

So, being a month-owner of the iPod, I can say that it has been a positive experience for me. So far, I’ve learned so much about the product and it somehow affected my lifestyle. Case (or cases) in point:

1. iTunes now rules in my laptop. Sorry WMP. Sorry VLC (just because there’s a VLC app available for iPod).
2. Incidentally, since my job requires me to travel on a yearly basis, I now have the iPod as an additional travel buddy, along with my laptop. But I am tempted to leave my laptop at home since my iPod is WiFi -enabled.
3. My pants are heavier (Cellular phone on my left pocket, iPod on my right). If not my pants, my backpack.
4. I always expect objects to move with the touch of my finger-tip, especially when reading a book (viva la touch screen!).
5. I can relate with my loved ones better, since they have their own iPods and iPhones (much love to you guys!).

I do hope you can relate with me with some (if not all) of the stuff i mentioned. But really, I’m happy that i gave myself the chance to get an iPod for myself.

Having said that, here are my raves about the iPod:

1. Facetime (Especially the first time i tried it, haha!)
2. Retina display
3. HD-quality videos (Even the mp4 movies I synced are high-quality)
4. Cool applications (Right now, i’m very much into games like Skyburger, iBasket, 0.03s, Can Knockdown, and Paper Toss. So what if they’re free? I got Plants vs. Zombies haha! Special mention to VLC player the App.).
5. Sleek design

Unfortunately, I do have some rants about the iPod as well:

1. Pixel rating of cameras (If iPhone4 has 5 megapixels on it, why not the iPod?).
2. Bluetooth (Does it even work at all?)
3. Photo file management (I do hope they can do something to help the users erase pics from the iPod. And i’m not talking about the Camera Roll, because you can erase pics with ease. I’m talking about files or folders that are synced with the iPod. Is there an App that can do this?)
4. The battery life drops faster if you leave WiFi on (That’s why I don’t “Safari” that much)
5. Apps that require WiFi connectivity (Shame on you! Hahaha)

Well, these are just some of the things that I have gone through as a new owner of an iPod. I’m taking the good with the bad, or vice versa. The thing with iPods (or any other gadget) is, you can’t have the best (of the best) features in them. Otherwise, there’s no use salivating over the next-gen or the new-improved tech toys.

So far, I am enjoying my iPod experience. I’m having fun with it, and I’m still discovering how it can positively affect my lifestyle.

This early, I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have for everyone, or it’s the best thing that happened to people since the Walkman.

The people at Apple have been doing a good job so far in terms of convincing us of that, don’t you think? =)

Kanta-Ran-Taduhan Only

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Hey guys!

The topic of this blog is all about music and musings.


Ito ay blog tungkol sa behavior ng tao in relation to singing or listening to music, or how music affects the psyche of our persona.


Consider this:  We can’t live without music.

If you beg to disagree, then beg! Hehehe…

Iba ang epek ng musika sa atin…it’s cultural.

Pansinin nyo, kung ano outfit ng tao karaniwan huli mo na kung anong type ng music ang pinapakinggan nila.

Hip hop, huli mo na.

Rakista, huli mo na.

Other genres…uhm, huli pa rin yun…

Pati amoy yata huli na rin eh hehehe…


I love music, and its amusing to know how far reaching it’s effects are.

Kapag masaya ka, may kantang appropriate (example: Happy by Square Heads…’lam mo ‘yun?)

Kapag malungkot, meron ka din theme song…kapag takot ka, kapag in love, kapag nasaktan ka, kapag wala kang magawa, kapag nagti-trip ka lang…

There’s music for everyone!

Kapag birthday, may music.  Anniversaries, stag parties, weddings, funerals, sports events (weeeeee are the champions, mah frieeeennnd…!), fiesta, mahal na araw…meron yan!

Music to match your moods, given.

Grabeh no.

So nakakatawa lalo kapag may mga stories or situations na related sa music.  Tulad nito…

May namamatay kapag kinakanta ang My Way.

Sa jeep or fx na may radio or music player, may mga pasaherong sasabay sa pagkanta…pero hindi naman pala alam lyrics, nagmamarunong lang…sa umpisa lang alam, o kaya ung sikat na line nung kanta…so effin’ amusing.

Meron naman feel na feel ang pagkanta pero kung ano-ano ang sinasabi para lang magkatunog o sabay sa tempo…remember Ken Lee at Tats My Barreh?  Mga you tube sensation na habang pinapanood mo hindi mo malaman kung matatawa ka or maiinis ka.

At any rate, what I do want to express is that music, like our eyes, are windows to our souls. What we can’t express with our words and actions, we can do so with music. Because such is the love affair we have with music. They give us every note and melody of our lives. Whether we are in the highest of highs, or in the lowest of lows, there will be that perfect music or that perfect sound to express who we are and what we are feeling.

Kaya nga hindi ba, kapag ikaw ay masaya, o nakatanggap ng grasya…kapag nabalitaan mong minalas ang kaaway mo, o kinuha na ni Lord and kalaban mong mortal (think tele-novela level)…ano ang kinakanta mo?

I dunno with you people, but for me, it’s George Frideric Handel’s iconic instrumental music….


Oh well, that’s just me and my music.

(Blogger’s note: I started writing this blog July 24, 2009 but i had to shelve it for a while. It’s now 2011, and i posted it just now. This is the longest blog i’ve written so far, in terms of calendar days hahaha.)

Blogsilog Special 02 – BLUEsyet!

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Pardon me for the lingo…hindi talaga ako palamura…

Pero BLUEsyet talaga!!!

Don’t take my anger too seriously guys…this is just due to the La Salle vs. Ateneo Round 1 basketball duel last Sunday.

I have a freakin’ hang-up, you see…

It was a great game…an authentic display of the rich (and) historic rivalry between these two schools.


Yeah yeah…congrats to the Eagles…i can humbly admit that they deserve to win yesterday…due to the breaks of the game.

Yep, just breaks of the game.

Hey, they couldn’t stop Mr. Spider Webb (a rookie blasting them for 26 points!)…they were surprised by the defense and hustle of reed-thin Mr. Andrada (oh did he frustrate you Mr. Al-Hussaini?)…truly, if the breaks went La Salle’s way (oh, do i mean if the team converted their  long bombs?  hey veterans, don’t turn the other way now…hehehe)…

But i’m gonna stop blabbin’  ‘coz you might perceive it as sour graping…well maaaaaaaaybeeeee….

Even with that loss, i will remain true to the Animo spirit.  Always!

All in all, it was truly a fantastic game…it’s always the case when these proud teams play each other.  Sulit ang bayad!

But money is not at stake here…pride is!

Bottomline, 76-72, Eagles win in overtime (We just came up a few miracles short)!

My pride just took a hit…i’m bleeding green…

Congrats Ateneo, round 1 goes to you…hopefully round 2 will belong to us.  If that doesn’t happen…

BLUEsyet!!! =)

Blogsilog Special 01 – In-CORY-gible

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A person that is not easily swayed or influenced.

Former Philippine President Corazon “Cory” Cojuangco Aquino.


She was never swayed  into living a life of luxury and unlimited political power that others seem to salivate at the mere thought of acquiring it.

She was never influenced in surrendering Freedom, knowing the cost of what the Filipino people, and in a staunch and admirable manner, she and her late husband Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino fought hard to seek…to achieve…to claim…to preserve.

Incorrigible, even in death.

Last Saturday, August 1.  3:18 a.m..  She joined our Lord and Savior in heaven.  Peace, at last.

This blog is for her.

I am just an ordinary Filipino though.  But i belong to the “Cory generation.”

1986.  EDSA Revolution.  I was there.  A young boy in awe of what was happening around him.

I admit, i was there just because it was “cool” to be there.

Freedom is cool, ain’t it?

Memories abound.  The images came back to me like it was not too long ago.  The music that defined the struggle and the sweet success.  The reality of the concept that is Freedom still reminds me until now that some things in life are worth fighting for if you value it so much.

I may not remember it all, but her death reminded me of so many things…things that i may have overlooked…ideas and beliefs that i may have forgotten in the midst of my own personal journey through life.

I am just one of the many Filipinos.  But who is Corazon Aquino to me…?

She gave me an important life lesson, even of it was done from a distance.

Fight for what you hold dear, with all of your mind, heart, and soul.

Despite the many trials and tribulations that you see in the horizon, push forward.

Faith and Love will see you through.  God will provide the Grace.

A salute to you, Mrs. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.

Thank you.

(Mis) Adventures of Pennis II

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Ang nakaraan:  Pennis was born…yun lang naman ang highlight ng Pennis I di ba…

At ang kabanata ngayon…

Eto na nga si Pennis, tila lumalaking malusog na bata, mejo cute ang dating kasi chubby tingnan eh…hindi mo mawari kung lalaking taba-ching-ching o payatot, kung tatangkad tulad ni Boyet De Leon (ung artista) o ka-height lang ni Boyet Ridon (if the name doesn’t sound familiar…then it doesn’t haha).

Ngunit isa lang ang sigurado.

Hindi siya mananatiling sanggol!!!

Katulad ng isang normal na bebe, siya ay gumulong-gulong sa higaan, nalaglag sa kama (sa kakagulong, saan pa!), gumapang, tumayo,  naglakad at pati pagbigkas ng kanyan unang salita…lahat ng ito nangyari, saktuhan lang.  Pero grabe.  Dugo, pawis, at ilang galong gatas ang pinuhunan ng magulang, lumaki lamang siyang malusog at masigla.

At sa wakas, ang sanggol na si Pennis ay naging isang batang kaaya-aya.

Masigla.  Malikot. Masayahin.  Minsan, iyakin.

Matalino!  Bobo, este, bibo!  What a joy to behold!

Proud na proud ang  mga magulang sa kanyang kakayahang ipinapakita sa murang edad (may mahal bang edad?).

Kaya naman na-excite ang kanilang mga damdamin at nangarap na isang araw, magiging handa na ang kanilang anak na pumasok sa mundong sadyang naiiba, kumpara sa mundong ginalawan niya sa apat na sulok ng kanilang kabahayan…ang mundong pinasok na rin ng kanyang dalawang nakatatandang kapatid…

Ang mundo ng “First Day High.”

Haaaayyyy si Pennis…handa nang pumasok sa paaralan.

How fast time flies.


Biyahe Log 2009-1

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8:23 a.m..

So here i am writing my blog…just got in the office, sitting comfortably in mah chair…it’s a freakin’ rainy day in my beloved country, the Philippines.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is rainy season!

So i was just thinking…traveling during rainy days can be a hasssle…demmit!!!  Nagco-commute ka man or if you’re driving your own car…there is a certain level of uncomfortability (is that a legit word?) that you reach, if y’all know what i mean.

So today i brought my trusty ol’ Patty (da name of my truck) and while i was driving in the rain my thoughts wander–what makes for a great commute/drive in the rain, and what makes it da worst!  So for all you interested blogistas out there who can spare some time reading my simple blog…my thoughts on the best and the worst biyahe log in da rain…woooooooosssssshhhhhh!!!!

You can say its da worst commute when you get caught up in the following scenarios…mga kababayan eto na…onli in ‘Pinas:

1. Hindi ka pa nakakalayo ng bahay mukhang basang sisiw ka na dahil baha sa lugar mo o ang layo ng sakayan mula sa bahay mo.

2.  Walang masakyan.

3.  May sasakyan, punuan naman.

4.  Nakasakay ka nga, halos ‘di ka naman makaupo (kapag jeepney) o kaya ‘di ka makaupo ng maayos (kapag fx)

5.  Yung mga kasama mo sa sasakyan basa din, o kaya may mga payong na pinapagpag/inaayos, o kaya galaw ng galaw na parang kiti-kiti (please lang, ‘wag na natin isa-isahin ang iba pang wierd behavior ng commuters mauuubusan tayo ng space hahaha).  Eeeewww!!!

6.  Kung nasa lrt ka, depende sa station ang hassle…pero simulan natin sa pila…wala ka man ticket or meron, may pila pag umuulan kasi for most people isa sa pinakamabilis ang biyahe ay lrt.

7.  Kapag nakabili ka na ng ticket, marami kayong nag-aabang ng next train.  Siksikan, tulakan, murahan, sikuhan…name it, you’ll get it!  Pero as my observation goes, mejo ok pa ung mga sumasakay sa bago-bagong lrt…yun nga lang saksakan ng daldal ang mga tao!!!

8.  Eh pano kung tumigil ang byahe sa lrt!?  Hindi ka pa nakakasakay tapos na ang maliligayang araw mo…pano kung nasa loob ka pa ng train sabay tumigil!?  Panic time?

9.  Kapag bus ang nasakyan mo keri lang…usual na ang punuan at siksikan, wag lang masira ang aircon (same situation applies for all you fx riders!)!

10.  Pahabol!  Ung kundoktor ng bus panay pa ang papasok sa mga pasahero eh puno na nga!  Lech (as in leche) ka huh!

11.  Kahit ano pang mode of transport ang nasakyan mo, ito ang universal na panira ng mood…katabi mo may putok!!!

BREAKING NEWS! It seems like masu-suspend ang work sa mga offices, including government agencies…dapat kanina pa in-announce eh!

BREAKING NEWS! No more work for today!!! 11:20a.m. (delayed post kasi i goofed off in a major way hehehe)

So we are back to our regular programming…where were we…? ah yes, the worst…maybe i’ll put it one more para dirty dozen…

12.  Woe also to those whose main forms of transport are the following:  tricycles, pedicab, padyak (sa riles ng tren yo), and of course…da taxi!  Yes you might be comfortable riding in the taxi, pero ang taxi ba invulnerable sa baha? nope!  eh kung tatagain ka pa sa taxi fare? deeeemmm-et!

13.  BONUS ITEM:  Kahit ano pa ang sinakyan mo, saang lupalop ka man ng bansa…kalabanin mo ang baha!!!

So there…alam ko marami pang pwedeng idagdag sa list but hey, i don’t know everything hahaha…

Kung the best naman, of course it’s just a simple explanation:  despite the bad weather, you still get to your destination looking like you just got out of a fashion magazine, still composed and smiling, and ready to face the day kahit masungit ang panahon!  To put it in another way, kinaya mo ung mga nilista ko sa worst.  Ang tindi mo friend, that’s the spirit!!!  =)

Moving on, you know you got the worst end of the deal when you’re driving and braving stormy weather when you get caught in the following situations:

1.  Car won’t start.

2.  Wiper broken.

3.  Aircon not working (watch the moist accumulate, aaaaaarrrrgggghhh!).

4.  Electrical or mechanical trouble which makes you stall on the road…tapos traffic pa!

5.  Driving through flood…and you stall.  Mas malala kung ‘matic dala mo…hanap ka na ng tulak boys…

6.  At a stop sign, lalapitan ka ng mga taong-kalye sabay punas sa windshield, sa windows…ung iba sosyal kasi may “squeegee”, eh ung iba basahan lang tapos bubuhusan ng maruming tubig ang salamin ng oto mo…ang masaklap don umilag ka pa dahil feeling mo mababasa ka hahahahaha!

7.  Tire troubles–as in flat tire or tire in the hole!!! manhole, that is…imagine urself getting out of your car…nababasa ka na sa ulan (background music: Basa sa ulan (or sumthin’ lyk dat) by AEGIS, nyahahaha!)…sabay sigaw ng noooooooooooo!!!!!!

8.  Mag-isa mong dinaranas ang ang mga pasakit na ito!!!  Oh God…

Mukha yatang konti lang ang entries ko ha…maybe i’m hungry…but that’s as far as i can go right now hahaha…

On the brighter end of the spectrum, shempre wala nang sasarap pa sa vumiviaje ka (wow spanish? bread?) na ok ang condition ng tsikot mo…tapos may kasama ka pang mahal sa buhay…aaaaaawwwwwww cheeeeeeeeeesyyyyyy!!!

And just like that i snap back into reality, that i am indeed riding my trusty ‘ol truck Patty…and as i look to my right, it struck me…

…as i ride through this nasty weather, i know i am definitely on the brighter end of the spectrum because i am riding with the most beautiful woman in my eyes…my lovelove…

Uuuuyyyyy, cheesy…ako.

…hey, blessing daw kapag umuulan ‘di ba?